Alpine Wood Floors LLC  has been a leader in hardwood floor refinishing in the greater Philadelphia area. Whether it's West Chester or Chester Springs, Malvern or Wayne, Haverford or Merion, we are fortunate to have amongst us many beautiful homes with older hardwood floors in need of restoration done with attention to detail and quality worksmanship.  This is our Mission - to restore your hardwood floors back to the gorgeous floors they once were.

As you can imagine, there is a lot involved in properly restoring hardwood floors.  It is truly an important decision which company you choose to help bring your vision to life.   Properly done, your newly refinished hardwood floors should last a lifetime.

  •  Why subject your family to the smell, fumes and toxic chemicals of the typical hardwood floor refinishing methods? Our polyurethane is a GREENGUARD  Certified - no fumes and virtually no odor. We are proud to say that independent taber abrasion tests have shown our polyurethane to also be the MOST DURABLE POLYURETHANE on the market.
  • Let's face it, getting your floor refinished can be inconvenient to your normal everyday home life.  Our refinishing system allows for your floors to be completed in the most Time Efficient way possible due to the short dry times of our polyurethane system.
  • We are experts at Staining!  We have perfected sanding methods which allow us to achieve virtually any color you can imagine.  Want Dark Floors? Alpine Wood Floors is your choice for Dark Floors.
  • Fully itemized pricing.  You will know exactly what your project will cost before any work is done.  If additional work needs to be done once the job starts, we will provide you with an updated estimate in writing with all additional costs clearly stated. 

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Tel: 610 293-9663 Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am to 8:00pm, Saturday By Appointment 

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