Do Hardwood Floors Need to Match Cabinets? A Newtown Square Perspective

Do Hardwood Floors Need to Match Cabinets? A Newtown Square Perspective

When designing your home, the interplay between different elements—such as cabinets, flooring, and wall paint—can significantly impact the overall aesthetic. One common question homeowners face is whether hardwood floors should match their cabinets. Let’s explore this topic and provide some insights for Newtown Square, PA homes.

The Art of Complementary Surfaces


While it’s tempting to match everything perfectly, creating visual interest often involves contrast. When designers intentionally choose contrasting surfaces, they achieve balance and prevent monotony. Consider this analogy: Imagine a room with two busy textures—one on the cabinets and the other on the flooring. When these textures contrast, the space becomes dynamic and engaging.

Light vs. Dark Finishes


DO THIS: Consider Light Finishes

  • Light-colored finishes, such as bright greys or light wood, can open up a room. If you have a smaller space, opt for light-colored floors. Paired with white cabinetry and alcove lighting, this combination creates an airy, spacious feel. It’s perfect for great rooms or kitchens where natural light is essential.

Don’t Forget About Dark Finishes

  • Dark hardwoods have timeless appeal. They make large spaces feel more intimate and cozy. If you’re designing an open floor plan or a spacious master suite, dark wood grains can add warmth. When combined with the right lighting and decor, they elevate your home’s design.

Rugs as Space Dividers

One advantage of hard surface flooring is its versatility. You can break up the expanse with strategically placed rugs. Rugs provide accents of color and style while defining different zones within a room. For instance, a dining area rug can visually separate it from a relaxation or TV viewing zone. Rugs add texture and dimension, enhancing the overall look.

DON’T DO THIS: Don’t Match Cabinets and Flooring

While it might seem intuitive to match cabinets and flooring, doing so can create a monochromatic effect. Instead of blending in, consider complementing. Contrasting woods or colors add depth and character to your space. Newtown Square homes benefit from this approach, as it prevents a flat, uninspired look.

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