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​It's a common misperception that water based polyurethanes aren't as durable as oil based polyurethanes.  In Taber test results, it's proven that water based polyurethanes withstand the wear and tear of commercial and residential floors better than oil based finishes.

Indoor air quality has become a top priority for environmental groups, consumers and manufacturers.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers indoor air quality one of the five environmental threats to human health. At Alpine Wood Floors, we are proud to use Bona GREENGUARD Certified polyurethanes.  Bona is the first manufacturer in the industry to offer a complete hardwood floor finishing line that is certified by a top non-profit independent third party for indoor air quality - GREENGUARD certified.  

Water Based vs Oil Based Polyurethane

Go with a water based polyurethane to avoid the odor and smell.  Oil based polyurethanes emit extremely high VOC's and harmful fumes causing the homeowner, pets and plants to vacate the home for days on end...