Aesthetics, function, and peace of mind = waterproof flooring

When you hear the word "waterproof" at the flooring store, chances are they are talking about the newest version of luxury vinyl (LVF).

The style and general benefits are the same; the only difference is a newer, more technologically advanced core that won’t peel or ripple ever, no matter how much water it sees or for how long.

Flooring is all we do, and we know we have to do it well, offering a level of experience and knowledge that can’t be found in the national chains.

For over 25 years, our commitment to excellence and passion for creating exceptional new floors for our commercial and residential customers are the driving forces of our business. Our fully stocked inventory includes every type of flooring from hardwood and laminate to vinyl.

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High style and ultra-waterproof

This is appropriate for installation in any room in the house, not just the kitchen or bath.

It’s a realistic look of wood, tile or stone with embossing that gives the flooring textured appearances, such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered or distressed. While it is available in sheets, you can have it cut into planks or tile-sized pieces; some feel the extra seams add to the realism.

The flooring comes in a wide assortment of colors, species, patterns, and designs. Ask your waterproof floor retailer to show you samples.

Why would you want it in a living, dining or bedroom area? Style aside, those rooms experience leaks as well, from broken and missing roof shingles, leaky air conditioning units, burst pipes or crumbled chimney flashing.

Keep in mind that kitchen appliances can flood with the water traveling to a nearby room.
Waterproof flooring in Chester Springs, PA from Alpine Flooring & Design

Other benefits

When you walk into a flooring store to ask about the waterproof product one of the first things they’ll tell you is how durable it is.

It consists of several layers, the top one being an ultra-tough clear plastic wear sheet to protect the floor from scratches and scuffs. Stains just sit on top, so they wipe off easily. It’s also easy to clean and simple to install.

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